Overview of Services

Instruction & Practice: Technology Applications


  • Instruction/Mentoring: Google Docs & Sheets for shared writing/editing privileges & common scheduling/ tracking

  • Instruction & Account Management: Naviance, CA, SAT & ACT


Review & Guidance: Academic Performance


  • Review: academic records, identifying strengths/challenges, finding patterns/trends

  • Guide: course selection, ACT/SAT test options and scheduling

Review & Guidance:  Extracurricular Activities (leadership & experience)


  • Review: Sports, Fine Arts (art, music, drama), Writing/Reporting (newspaper, yearbook, TV), clubs, community service, paid work

  • Guide: untapped opportunities, resources

Facilitating the Writing Process: An Effective Student Resume

  • Collect, synthesize student career data

  • Format & design resume

  • Edit, revise, amend, extend

Developing The College List

  • Identify criteria: geographic location, size, program of study, student life, cost

  • Assign viability: safety, good match, stretch

  • Populate list

Application Strategy & Guidance- Factoring Key Variables Influencing the Process


  • Review Timing Options/Select Types of Admission: ED, EA I, EA II, REA, RA, RD

  • Evaluate Programs & Matriculation choices: Majors, Minors, Dual Degrees, BA + MA

  • Calculate Merit Scholarships & Other Awards: Standard Fare Scholarships, Local, State & National Awards

  • Review Financial Aid: FASFA, PROFILE & Individual Institutional Aid

Managing the Application Goals and Deadlines

  • Identify admissions requirements/deadlines

  • Set goals & objectives, breaking work into manageable segments & due dates

  • Design & populate submissions-tracking spreadsheet

The Common Application, Essay & Short Answer Guidance

  • Populate application:  demographic, academic & HS career information

  • Brainstorm, outline, write, edit, revise and polish required essays, short answer questions (100, 200 & 250 words)

Individual School Applications, Essays & Short Answer Guidance


  • Populate individual applications: based on college list

  • Brainstorm, outline, write, edit, revise and polish required essays, short answer questions (100, 200 & 250 words)



  • Guide and mentor: Individual business/volunteer projects (long term)

  • Guide/Advise: Summer activities, programs, camps


Please note:  My services do not include the final selection of appropriate areas of study and colleges for application, and/or completing financial aid forms or merit scholarship applications.  I am happy to make referrals.


Because each student comes to the process with different needs, I offer a one-on-one counseling and my pricing is based on an hourly fee.  The schedule and payment methods are listed below.



  • Individual Counseling: (face-to-face meetings)             $100/hour   

  • Writing, Editing, Research (remotely)                           $ 75/hour


  • All payments are due at the end of each session via the Square Credit Card Scanner

  • For convenience, you may pay $500 in advance for the first five hours of work

  • Free initial consultation

Families interested in working together may schedule a meeting to learn more about my services.  The focus of the meeting is to discuss your needs, desired outcomes, and answer any specific questions/ concerns the about the process. This is strictly an informational meeting, so you do not need to bring transcripts, test scores or written work with you.

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